Due Diligence.  Protection.  Investigation.

Investigations. When you need answers.

Our investigation services can help ease the uncertainty when you realize your business has a problem.

​We pride ourselves on being able to get you the answers you need quickly, accurately and discreetly. No one needs to know that we've been on the job.

Our seasoned investigators​ are perfectly trained in the latest tactics and have the highest quality equipment at their disposal.

Most importantly, we always implement an individualized strategy for each case. Our advanced surveillance capabilities will:​

  • Save your company money
  • Detect problems before they fester into catastrophes
  • Protect your reputation against embarrassing situations
  • Eliminate the uncertainty.

Due Diligence. Avoiding the Unseen Pitfalls.

Let's face it. Business is not done like it used to be.

No longer does a firm handshake and a solemn word ​make a contract solid.

That's why, at times, you'll need assistance doing your due diligence.

By fact checking and verifying the reputations of all involved parties, you can eliminate a significant part of the risk behind a new business deal.

Completing your due diligence will:​

  • Head off possible scams and con artists
  • Confirm the good morals and character of potential partners
  • Discover questionable decisions or behaviors in the past
  • Verify that assets truly belong to correct entities

Protective Services. Feeling Safe is Everything.

With a rising number of women who own or run companies, the need for a different type of security detail has arisen.  

  • Discreet but highly effective protection 
  • Feel safe without drawing attention to yourself.
  • The latest proven protection techniques & strategies

Often, a woman who can blend into the environment and still take care of business is more desirable and discreet. Nobody knows she is a protective detail, until they need to know it.

We also provide male details for male clients, or if the situation calls for a towering, intimidating presence.

Yes, we have the brawn, but most importantly we have the brains that are needed to keep you safe.

In our line of work, we must be like chameleons and change with the scenery.
At Framework we do just that.
We provide the right team for the right job, and we do it professionally, quickly and discreetly.