Review Your Company Policies: Action Items You Can Take Today To Reduce Risk For Your Business Part II

By Tamara Shelley | Prevention

May 09

Action Items You Can Take Today To Reduce Risk For Your Business Part II:



It is so important to review on a regular basis your policies on things like employee

relationships, stalking, firearms, termination procedures and sexual harassment. If


15 Steps to Keep Your Company Safe.

Fail to take even one of these steps and you open the door to losses and significant risk.

your policy is outdated, it could be disastrous should you become the subject of a



There is legislation passing all the time and something that was law yesterday may

not be today. Take for example, a woman who worked for a company which had a

strict policy about no guns on the premises. The handbook clearly stated that even

a licensed firearm owner was not allowed to carry a gun in the workplace or in

their personal vehicles in the parking lot.


When the woman discovered she had a stalker, it was terrifying to think she could

not drive to work and back home with a gun in her car. Not because the state

prohibited it, but because her employer did! The (Texas) law had changed to state that

employers no longer had the right to prohibit firearms in personal vehicles parked

in the parking lot. [Texas Labor Code 52.061 and 52.062] However, the company had not

updated their manual and did not even know about the legislative change.


Later it was discovered by a co-worker that the woman in fact, had a gun (legally

and concealed properly) in her vehicle on company grounds. Her employer tried to file a suit

against her, despite the fact she was being stalked. Once the employer consulted

their attorney, they quickly backed off and changed the company manual. They

were not pleased about it, but they could not go forward with a lawsuit against the

employee or take disciplinary action.

How embarrassing for the company.

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