Cool Gift Ideas For The Private Investigator In Your Life

By Tamara Shelley | Investigations

Dec 01

Cool Gift Ideas For The Private Investigator In Your Life

Seems buying gifts for a private investigator is intimidating. What if isn’t “Bond” enough? What in the world do you give an investigator anyway? Aren’t spy toys expensive?  I have listed some of my top picks for investigators in various price ranges.

Here they are in no particular order.

A sound amplifying earpiece. This nifty little tool will help you hear things you wouldn’t be able to hear normally. If you need to hear better, but can’t afford to get closer, take a tip from the hunters. Find this gem at Cabelas.



15 Steps to Keep Your Company Safe.

Fail to take even one of these steps and you open the door to losses and significant risk.


Voice Recording Pen. Extremely helpful when conducting interviews. No need to try to write and manage a recording device or phone. You can find them anywhere from $20 to $200. Snag this one here:



Online Subscription to RecordiaPro. Now this is cool. offers 3 price points with lots of bells and whistles. Record all your phone calls, transcribes which is excellent for phone interviews.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson. Lots of great tips in this book.



Dash Cam. I have to say, I want one! These bad boys come in various price points depending on the quality of video you desire, the length of recording and the field of view. I found this one at Amazon.



Bluetooth sunglasses with video. Capture that needed video without holding your phone. Lower profile than some models. The camera is placed in the center so it captures everything you see. This pair by Fortefish on Amazon. Customer reviews give them 4 Stars and the come in under $100.


Power Baby! Everyone needs power. This handy little inverter is a compact version with a 110 outlet to power your laptop or other large items, plus USB ports to charge phones, cameras and more. Models range from $15 -$200. This one goes for $20.


A Year of Firearms Legal Defense  from Texas Law Shield. Anyone who carries a gun could benefit from the legal protection of Texas Law Shield and US Law Shield. Annual subscriptions are cheap for what you get. Use promo code SBHT when signing up.

A Gift Card to a Camera Shop that Rents Lenses. There are camera shops that actually rent super zoom and specialty lenses for most brands of cameras. In Dallas try

Let’s not forget the stocking suffers. Load them up with all the little things that keep a case running smoothly. Things you can never have too many of are:

  • Memory Cards for various devices
  • Jump Drives for transferring information
  • Starbucks cards for those hours of surveillance
  • Snacks and convenience store items like gum and trail mix
  • Window shades for the car
  • Batteries
  • Small Flashlight


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